Sunday, January 09, 2011

A hot (and very cold) trip with the Spa Boat

I was in heaven on Saturday. Our four-hour trip with Vulkana started with drinks where they used to keep fish in the old days. Now it's a zen lounge and a hamam designed by the Finnish architect Sami Rintala.

Next was sauna and the hot tub on deck. The water was burning hot, but the air -6 degrees Celsius. No wonder we had our hats on!

The boat toured around the island. It was cold and clear and just fantastic.

The Northern Lights also made an entrance. Even though the picture conditions were not the best.

The baot made a stop for this girl who made a swim in the sea! I guess the water held a couple of degrees Celcius.

I don't know what material whe's made of, she may well be extra-terrestrial. She is the toughest one of us.

The American chef made us smoked whale with artichoke dip for starters and filet of reindeer on rocks (literarely)as main course. I recommend everyone to have dinner in bathrobes after sauna and a hot tube. It sure didn't hurt anywhere.

We ended the night with marinated pears in the lounge, before we entered the hamam for the last treatment.

Now I'm refreshed and (almost) ready for a new week of waking up too late, run out the door, kindergarden, work, ten-minute dinners and collapsing on the coach. Have a great week!


rebee said...

I love love love this post! And I wish you a happy week!

Di said...

Wow - it sounds so fantastic! I want to do that next year - and see the northern lights. I met up with a friend from university today that I hadn't seen for 19 years - she and her family have just moved to Dundee (from 9 years in Jamaica). It was so lovely to see her - and it certainly didn't seem like almost 2 decades!

Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

A fascinating glimpse for me into an experience I probably will never have! I hope the rest of your week surprises you with some calm moments.

rebee said...

Hot water tub experience ... I had it near Chur up on a mountain in summer and winter. These memories just came back to me. Some many years ago I enjoyed japaneese bath style, which has some similarities. To have a good bath and fellowship is a blessing everywhere on this planet. I'm so greatful for all this.
Especially for the saunas nearby!
The whole family loves it at times.
Do you have one?

Arctic Mum said...

Bathing Japanese style - sounds interesting! We don't have a sauna, but their quite common I've noticed on my house hunt. However, they seem to be used mostly for guess is 9+ per cent of the time!

denise said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! I've been dreaming of a cedar spa and hot tub in my back yard. Some day...

Stephanie said...

This post had me laughing out loud -- in particular the traveler who took a dip in subzero temperatures and your description of the dinner menu (how many animals can we fit on the plate?) Would love to have been there!

When I was in Norway once for work about 11 years ago I bought a reindeer pelt ... hung onto it for years but didn't take care of it and eventually I had to say goodbye ... what does reindeer taste like, anyway?

Thanks for sharing from this awesome trip!

Arctic Mum said...

Am sure we could fit another animal on the plate! Reindeer tastes a bit wild, soft. It's a delicatesse. As for the whale, I asked the chef (a Wisconsin native) if he was bothered making it, but he just said "good food is good food". And that was that. I'm raised on whale, we all were in the 70s and 80s, served in brown sauce and macaroni(!) Yes, the combination is as bad as it sounds.

Heather said...

Those pears look so yummy! :)

Retha Ison said...

What a great treat! The food looks yummy and the treatment is certainly relaxing as it sounds. I'm definitely green with envy. :-P I experienced having a nice bath in hot tub during winter, but not in -6 degrees. I’ll certainly try it in the future!


Retha Ison said...
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