Sunday, February 13, 2011

First trip to the ski track in 2011

I have mixed feelings towards cross country skiing after being dragged along on long trips as a child.

But look who's talking: now it's my turn to encourage, "We'll have hot chocolate soon. Just a little bit longer"

It's still a bit too cold to enjoy it to the full. Our toes got cold and after an hour we were back home for a hot bath.

I wish you a great week! My 14 year old niese are coming to stay, we'll see Burlesque ( slightly sceptical).


Menthe Blanche said...

Your ski photos are nice. I go to the mountains soon to enjoy the snow and skiing but only for a week.
Good night. Elsa

Nancy said...

It looks like sooo much fun! I will take your word for it that it's a bit too cold. We don't have enough flat spaces here for cross-country skiing--too many hills! Oh yea, and not enough snow ;)

denise said...

Track? And wow, look at all those people! That is huge here in Wisconsin, but I've never seen that many people out on the park trails. They groom hiking trails and golf courses here for it. Lots of fun, but no warming houses. ;)

Anonymous said...

I used to love cross-country skiing when we lived in Illinois. It was the perfect way to enjoy the winter outdoors. I've tried downhill skiing, but it's too scary for me!

Donyale said...

Oh. I love skiing. I started when I was 4 and the highlight was teaching it in Austria in my late 20's. Wonderful stuff.

ibb said...

I will love to try...but this year snow isn´t visiting us...difficult to learn.

Malyss said...

The kind of thing I'd like to do, snow around here!


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