Saturday, February 05, 2011

Here's one for Le Skrei!

One of the advantages of living by an Arctic coast, is the access to fresh seafood of superb quality all year round.

I love the seafood store: prawns, haddock, salmon, coalfish, halibut and even the southern guest tuna.

Today I picked up some wonderful pieces of Arctic Cod. Not any cod, but the cod that gets the oohhs and wows from the gourmet chefs of France: Le Skrei.

The skrei wanders along the coast, from the Barents Sea to the Lofoten Islands where hundreds of fishing boats eagerly await it's arrival in February. And all the newspapers go: IT'S HERE!

The enthusiasts take it with liver and roe, we like it au naturel, with steamed carrots, boiled potates and melted butter. That's it.

Like Nigella you'll find me sneaking around the fridge by night for leftovers: (and these nights I'm up at least at couple of times): on toast with mayones and a pinch of salt n pepper. I've always thought does anyone do that - really??? For The Skrei, I do.

Have a great week!


Skrekk o Gru said...

mmm...litt trist å gå glipp av dette!

Anonymous said...

I used to live by the Pacific then I moved far inland; the main thing I miss is fresh sea fish--snapper, sole, salmon. We also had something called ling cod. I can't bear unfresh fish, so I never eat fish now. That is a wonderful crop you have at your doorstep.

ibb said...

I think here is quite famous...we are fond of seafood too...pity I have not time to cook as much I would love and normaly try super easy recipes.

Stephanie said...

OK -- in the top picture, what is that item please in the lower left corner? It's sort of twisted and looks, well, like a giant organ of some kind. Is that really fish? Do tell! :)

Arctic Mum said...

Stephanie - that is the roe from the skrei, and the liver is in the box just behind. A delicatesse, actually (who could think that). I can curb my enthusiasm for the liver, but I quite like roe.

Jane said...

Sounds wonderful....not wonderful enough to move to the arctic - but still...awesome!

Malyss said...

When i was pregnant I could not even look at fish anymore, it made me sick!:(
But I adore fresh seafood, and after 9 months, I was sooo happy to go back to it!


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