Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Do Hipsters Live in the Arctic?

I saw a tv program about the hipster scene in Brooklyn, New York. (Or rather the hatred against them) Appearantly they collect vintage cameras and lead a lifestyle revolving around thrift stores.

I collect vintage cameras, and revolve my life around thrift stores.

2X Vintage Yashica and a Nikon

Vintage Yashica in it's original box, complete with lenses.

Arctic Dad even owns a "hipster" bike! And occasionally a moustache too.

An Arctic Hipster bike?

I suspect the hipster definition doesn't really include 38 year old mothers of three with a secret hang to crocheting granny squares, who lives in a place so deserted that weather forecasts cut it from the world map (just check!).

And who lost the overview of indie music around 1999.

But then again. Hipsters don't admit to being hipsters.


Kristy and Lily said...

Ha ha! This post made me chuckle. I'm sure you are a hipster at heart ;)

Nancy / summer sky said...

that's why we come here, to get the news from the top of the world ;)

now I (speaking for me, not you! ;) know how middle-aged adults feel ~ young at heart, but not so sure that the young see that too.

Do you ever try the cameras out to see if they are in good working order? I love your collection, but it's your vintage polaroid I covet

ibb said...

Hahahaha! So maybe I am too...have some cameras and a bike...no mostache..only when it grows too much ;)
So maybe, anyone could be without knowing.

likeschocolate said...

I think your cool!

Donyale said...

I think if we read your blog we must be hipsters too, non?

Siena said...

Age make me feel very unhip, but it always seemed quite stressful to me to be a hipster anyway. I prefer relaxed and uncool.

Anonymous said...

Very funny!!


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