Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back to life. Back to reality

Hi everyone! I'm back from denial (charter holiday in Gran Canaria, looking very pregnant in ridiculous hat, not my most elegant moment). We had a wonderful time, sun and pool all along.

Some observations:

* Scandinavians don't talk to eachother on charter holiday. Any ideas why? I presume a combination of uncertainty of social status at home, (he could be a carpenter, he could be a manager) and general shyness (openness and smalltalk is not for Scandinavians). We swore we'd act differently, but ended up like everyone else. It's a little bit sad.

* Las Palmas is a beautiful capital. Had the best lunch ever at "El Herreno". I got my squid, and it was heavenly.

* Reading Michel Houellebecqs disturbing novel on tourism "Platform" is interesting on a holiday like this. I recommend it. Or not.

* Spring not sprung in the Arctic as I imagined in my holiday euphoria. Will it ever? Read my next chapter in a couple of days!


Di said...

Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed the relaxation! We've just had the most glorious period of sun here in Scotland - but it's not been exactly warm! And of course it's going to start raining on Friday just as I go off for a few days holiday in the Lake District.

To summer!!

ibb said...

Wellcome back! It is great to hear you enjoyed a lot!
And like your hat.

Trollemor said...

Velkommen hjem!
Har du mottatt labbene jeg sendte deg som du vant på giveaway`en min??

Trollemor said...


christinelaennec said...

Sorry spring has not yet caught up with you. I hope it will soon! I'm very glad you had a good break, and I was surprised about Scandinavians not talking to one another abroad. I always thought Scandinavians were hugely egalitarian and/or classless, with a much smaller gap between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots' than, for example, the US or the UK. But they also have a reputation for being shy.

Nancy / summer sky said...

Missed you--glad you had a great time! Perhaps you have brought a bit of warmth back with you--I will cross my fingers. You look adorably pregnant in your hat.

Perhaps a disturbing book can only be read on a holiday! You put it down and you are certain that it is pure fiction ;)

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Great photo! you look adorable!

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of glib and I'm usually around others who are not, so I feel your pain. I always feel like I am running off at the mouth, and they are the cool ones. Where do all the garrulous people live--let's go there, as long as they don't have spiders, but I suspect they do. You can't win!

Anonymous said...

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