Thursday, May 05, 2011

Pre Midnight Sun Activities

The sun shines in the livingroom

The sun reflects on the houses at night

The livingroom is so bright these nights it has to wear shades. Sun's up to ten, and our bodies are trying to keep pace. My children won't sleep, but who can blame them. How do you persuade a four year old to put on pj's when it's not dark.

The light makes you go on and on and on and on, and in the end you burn out a little.

Shrimp on toast

Making a late night snack of Arctic shrimps on toast, the best you can get. If it wasn't for that light I would've gone to bed.

My daughter was six (11 kids can drink a looot of soft drinks), and I wonder if my 40th next year will have a table as messy as this. Suspect messier.

Six year old left over party

Have a good week! Will be returning back very soon with thrifted goodies.


Trollemor said...

Så deilig med sol da! Men jeg kjenner til problemet med sol langt ut på kveldingen ja! "det er jo mårning, mamma!" Ingen vil vel legge seg da? Jeg kjemper selv, jeg:)

Så flott at labbene falt i smak, forresten!

Ta gjerne en titt innom bloggen min! I dag har jeg skrevet om det herlige sommerparadiset som vi er så heldige å kunne benytte oss av:D

likeschocolate said...

Brings make the memories of growing up in Alaska-the land of the midnight sun. I remember fighting going to sleep and my simple argument is that the sun is still up. Eventually, I would lose the battle and fall asleep. Now while the sun isn't up here until midnight, I have the same argument with my 4 year old when at 8:30p he doesn't want to go to sleep because the sun is sitll up. Not easy, but I still love the longer days of sunshine. How is the bambino. Hope you are feeling well.

zelapin said...

it makes me dream this midnight sun... i waq once in Oslo in may and loved thosr never ending eveningd we had.
what you explain about burn out of bodies and minds seems to be an "évidence" but for me who love summer days for the long lightning, it's likes like heaven.
thinking about zero-sun zero-light dayx of winter is a good therapy to help me to appreciate the place i live. (i apologize for these sentence that probally as no sense because of my poooor english! but i try to explains things i really fell!)
if you are ok, i would be very happy to send you little birthday gifts, so if you could give me your adress it would be nice^^

Ceska777 said...

Midnight sun must be....owesome!
My son accepts that 20:30 is time to go to bed only when it`s really dark in the bedroom. We read, discuss a little about the day and as lights go out we fall asleep.

ibb said...

Must be so difficult, all dark and then all bright...difficult to make body work the same all year when nature says the contrary.
I am thinking of travelling north in summer...sweden and maybe lofoten...not sure...

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Love that birthday party table scape. Happy sunshine!

Lady B and Little H said...

I recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Having a Spanish / Basque husband, he finds it difficult with the light summer nights.
He had no idea that it would be light almost all night during the summer and has problems sleeping. I guess we have to buy some new blinds, but I love the light, and want to enjoy the early mornings.

Anonymous said...

Here in Aberdeen there is just a bit of light in the sky at 10:00, but by June it will still be very light at 10 pm. Our solution for our daughter is black-out blinds - seems to work pretty well.

I love the long evenings but I also miss seeing the stars in the summer. You can see them here but you have to get up at about 1:30 a.m.!

I hope you're keeping well.

Jen said...

That sounds so chaotic, but so much fun :)


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