Monday, May 09, 2011

What I Thrifted Last Weekend

Flea market finds

Two lamps, a cute red box, an old frame (for planned picture wall in new house) a big box of some kind, and an embroided picture of a boy playing the violin in Norwegian National Costume. Safe to say that one is kitch.

Vintage children's apron

A vintage children's apron for the just six year old.

Vintage baby clothes

Pants for little person arriving in July. I love finding vintage babyclothes in cotton or wool. I pass the acrylic. It's a mystery how our parents let a whole generation stumble around like walking matchsticks in the 70s. Were they too busy looking for sigarettes and alcohol?

Vintage plate from Italy

Difficult to pass small, cute plates.(this one is Italian, Pagnossin Treviso) I feel they belong in my kitchen cupboard.

Am sharing these at Thrift Share Monday and Flea Market Finds. Have a look!


Melanie Wickham said...

what just six year old wouldn't love the beautiful apron - ready for anything!!

likeschocolate said...

Love the print!

karlyn Jackson said...

love the apron and the little tapestry. x

Max said...

I LOVE the yellow baby jumpsuit thingy! Modern kids look ace in retro clothes, more like kids and less like mini adults.

Tilda B. Hervé said...

i'm impressed! your blog aka your daily life is really stunning!

Jensenvfxm said...

love the apron and the little tapestry. x

xyz said...

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