Friday, May 13, 2011

Let's Pretend It's Summer

...First barbeque. Snow on mountains and garden. But spring it is!

Barbeque with snow on mountains and in garden

Ready for barbie


Nothing like eating outside

Spring flowers

Strawberries and hat

Coffe outside

Grilled banana with chocolate

We were enjoying every sunbeam, and I had brought my summer hat. Nothing like the first meal outside. The rest of the night we were praising the Gulf Stream. Without it we would freeze at this time and latitude.

No need to go home when the light is on all night.

Will take you on a housetour of my friend Birgith's house very soon. Have a good week!


Menthe Blanche said...

Oh great pictures of your artic spring. Your barbeque seemed very nice.

Di said...

Happy sun to you! It looks like you had a lovely day. Here in Scotland you have to grab every opportunity too.....and sometimes you have to even do stuff in the rain because otherwise you may never do it!

likeschocolate said...

Your chocolate banana boats look devine! I am licking the screen.

ibb said...

It was a barbaque weekend here too...but it was rainy so we did inside in a hut in the mountains...great time.

Becky said...

I'm intrigued. What's in the banana? Chocolate?

Arctic Mum said...

Yes, that's chocolate in the banana. It was terrific, and since I'm pregnant I was allowed to have three portions with ice cream. The rest had wine.

Malyss said...

I never saw bananas made this way! it seems to be so delicious. I have to try it!!


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