Monday, June 06, 2011

Housetour: In Limbo with a View

The Arctics have embarked on a month of living in other people's houses, waiting for our own to be ready. 1st of July is the magical date: It's all in the hands of builders and the almighty IKEA.

This week we're staying in my friend Bente's truly elegant flat. While we try not to trash it I'll take you on a housetour.

Wonderful view from the dinner table

Her kitchen

Details from her home

Beautiful Figgjo

Popular Figgjo "Lotte"

Some mid-century houseware are to be found, like beautiful Figgjo.

After a few years in a dayjob looking after her young son, she's now ready to take on the challenge as manager at a local gourmet restaurant.

In the winter time she's busy doing miles and miles of cross country skiing.

She loves her art and her Persian carpets

She loves art and persian carpets.

More details from her hom

And she's my personal baker for birthdays. She actually enjoys baking, a mystery to me. Bless her. (I tried to make rhubarb pai the other day. I'll save you from the painful details).

The rest of her home here.

Have a wonderful week!


likeschocolate said...

You are one brave mama. I don't think I could do that, but I guess the upside is that in three weeks you will be in your own new home.

Malyss said...

How can it be possible to have such cleaned and perfect houses?!! :)
There's a lot of inspiration to find there, plenty of ideas for your own home in a few weeks!
You have wonderful friends!

ibb said...

Love her tivoli radio...i adore them, but too expensive for me...and difficult to find here...

And the house, lovely!

kim23 said...

such a beautiful house! I also love art and Persian carpet! You really have wonderful friends. great post! Have a nice week too!

Teresa said...

Wow - Bente's flat is so lovely! I now have serious kitchen envy - all that space (not a given in London flats)! I have also fallen deeply in love with that Figgjo dish - great colours and design! Happy Limbo-living, Arctics! :-) xx

liza said...

Wow! It's so pretty -and what a great idea you have to show us the places along the way to your home being done!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful flat! Enjoy your time there - and yes, I too have kitchen envy!

gillian said...

I love your house tours. You all have such great style up there in the arctic. I am envious! Good luck with your remodel...

Van said...

Perfectly elegant yet comfortable. Love all the art and mod bits in this beautiful home!


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