Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thrifting in the Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Non stop sun, day and night

Old Figgjo children's plates

West German Pottery Bay

The lightbulb on the sky has been on for five days in a row. Night and day, no pause. Sun to wake up, sun to go to sleep to at night (if you can). I love it.

Some thrifting in between: I have a weakness for old plates, especially Figgjo and who can pass these cute ones.

The West German vase vase waited for me at the flea, I suspect it may be collectible with the Bay sticker on and all. But also perfect for kitchen table in the Arctic House.

Am shearing at Thrift Share Monday and Flea Market Finds

Have a good week, coming up more Arctic Summer soon.


Michelle said...

I love the vase. I'm intrigued by the "light bulb on the sky." My husband and I have always wondered what it would be like to live in the arctic where the sun never sets at times. Fascinating, truly fascinating. You must have some pretty heavy duty curtains to sleep behind!

TIKA said...

That is amazing, that light bulb on the sky. I love the time just before sunset, and in my country lasts about 20 minutes. I would just sit and look and enjoy all night!

Francesca said...

It looks beautiful. I think I'd never tire of seeing the sun, night and day, no pause.

likeschocolate said...

love the pic of the bridge and the mountains in the back. Reminds me of my childhood. How are you feeling these days? I am happy now that we have a date scheduled for this baby to come. Only 33 days-yahoo!

Van said...

Oh, I'm very intrigued by thrifting in the arctic and the sun that doesn't set for days! Beautiful photos and finds as well!

christinelaennec said...

I'd love to know what time of day the top two photos were taken! Glad you're enjoying the endless sunshine. It certainly is well deserved after your winter darkness.

Caroline said...

Beautiful scenery!


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