Thursday, August 04, 2011

Housetour: Aslaug's Vintage Vibe

My friend Aslaug lives in a gorgeous flat with husband and two kids, in a building with a strong community feel. A bit hippie-like they have dinners together, share tools and a common garden. I love it!

Aslaug works with literature, and she's a fellow thrifter (yay!) with a special eye for tin boxes. You can tell her place is packed with wonderful finds.

The flat has some odd angles that makes it challenging to furnish. But when you have a too-good-to-be-true father who actually built bookshelves, benches and a bed - that's just fun.

Please come inside!


DIY cabinet

You must check out the rest of her house.

(I've used up all my friends with cool places now. I need some more friends - and their houses too.)


Di said...

It looks lovely! I love all those bookshelves...I need so many more bookshelves!

Midcenturymadam said...

So many beautiful things in one spot! I love the lime green fold down desk. The built-ins are fantastic.

Teresa said...

Wow! It's great to switch off from all the craziness in London for a moment and have a peek inside Aslaug's fabulous house! So cool!

Siena said...

I`ve always wondered how the flats in this house looks like - kind of like I imagined actually. Very cool, love it!

Ylva Maria said...

Hittade hit genom att du læmnat en kommentar på Liv Ingers blogg - och åh så inspirerande och skøn blogg du skriver. Jag føljer dig från nu! :)

Dorit said...

haha, so now your friends with not-so-cool houses know who they are :) I have loved your house tours, hope you find more cool friends :)


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