Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrifting At End Of Summer

Bjorn Wiinblad

The Bjorn Wiinblad plate with the August theme is quite rare I think. I like it.

1960s lamps without a shade

Two lamps I plan to fix up with modern shades. Bye bye Arctic light - the evenings are darker.

West Germany vase

The West German vase is ugly in a pretty way (or vice versa), me thinks.

1960's lamp

Previous house owners left us with this 60's lamp. Love the blue colour.

We're promised a last desperate summer show off this weekend, before autumn kicks in next week. That means a last desperate barbeque as well.

Note to self: Stock up on rainclothes and fleeze for children. And tea.

Make sure you help other women on Africas Horn. I know I will.

Am shearing these over at Flea Market Finds. and Apron Thrift Girl.


christinelaennec said...

What a great lamp to inherit from the previous owners. We have a few things like that we've been "given" by a new house. Have a happy last summer fling! And thanks for the reminder to help the people in Africa.

Malyss said...

Are you already talking about autumn?.. I can't believe it!I wish I could send you a large piece of our summer, which will be here for at least two months more..
I like the way vintage things can be beautyful and ugly at the same time!

Midcenturymadam said...

Beautiful lamps! Finding lamp shades is always a problem for me. If I spend $5.00 on a lamp I don't want to have to spend $65.00 for the shade. I think I'll have to learn to make them.

SG said...

Wow I love the orange and blue lamp bases. Great pattern on them.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Great finds! I love Bjorn Wiinblad things.

Lamps are just fabulous. Poor Africa.

A La Modern said...

Wow, amazing finds! I've yet to find any Bjorn Wiinblad stuff, but I still keep an eye out for it every time I'm at the thrift. The German vase is great too.

Cheerful Thrifty Door said...

I like the vase. It will look beautiful with a cute bunch of flowers.

Steph said...

Everything is so pretty! What a great lamp from the previous owners!

Brittany said...

What wonderful lamps...all three of them!

Nicoleftej said...

Great finds! I love Bjorn Wiinblad things. Lamps are just fabulous. Poor Africa.


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