Friday, September 16, 2011

A Bucket of Cowberries

Ready to pick berries
A bucket of cowberries
Under the blanket
A good meal
Moby Wrap with Anna
Go for a walk

Armed with berry pickers we hit the cabin trip sans children. Except for Anna of course. Where Boob goes Anna goes.

We had better weather last year. But who can resist a bucket of cowberries (or lingonberries)? Or roast lamb, wine, cake and laughs. And the smell of the September forest is simply the best.

Have a great week! And thank you for kitchen comments, I can reveal to you that it's less tidy now.


Liv-Inger said...

Herlige bilder! Og s√łte Anna! :-)

likeschocolate said...

????Cowberries Love Anna's cheeks!

Teresa said...

You have the best berries up north: cowberries, cloudberries... Much more exciting than the usual berries on offer here in the UK. Anna is so cute - love that photo! :-)

ibb said...

Looks a great plan, and looks a bit cold over there...that cozy sofa...


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