Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Housetour: My Kitchen

It's all white

Kitchen with beloved clock

View to the livingroom

Cookbooks in the cupboard

Some potholders on the side

Coffe and tea

The pepper lady from Alessi

After my grandmother who loved cats

My father's old office chair

The kitchen is finally done. I now realize it looks like my old kitchen, so I guess white and grey are my favourites. It feels good to add some colours, a yellow clock, a red toaster, a turqouise pin board, an orange plate. The floor is our best buy, it's simply vinyl. You should try that at home.

It's been an ordeal. IKEA sent us half the kitchen wrong. Twice. We live 2000 km away from the nearest warehouse, so we can't use the dinner coupons (!) they offered us as an excuse. No Billy's will come near this house in the future, if Arctic Dad is to decide (don't tell him he's not).

The cookbooks are stored in the cupboard. Should I take that as a sign? You know I'm not so into cooking or baking, but I'm not worried. Blogland is full of those who are.

My father's old office chair from the 60s is a favourite item in the kitchen, as well as my grandmother's serving plate. We're getting a real cat next summer.

Looking forward to the weekend, cabin trip with bookcircle best friends. Hope to see the Northern Lights in the wild.

See you soon!


Kaylovesvintage said...

good place to have coffee

likeschocolate said...

So sorry for your little nightmare. I can totally feel for you, I am still waiting for pottery barn to straighten out the mess with the sofa I purchased. Two weeks and the still haven't sent us the right pillow to the couch.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! I have enjoyed catching up on all your lovely photos, especially those of your adorable new baby. Congratulations for both, new baby & wonderful new kitchen!

Van said...

Oh, absolutely beautiful kitchen, items, and photographs. I love it!

coco said...

i love your kitchen and all the handmade things hanging. very homey.

Anonymous said...

I wish you and your family many happy times in your new kitchen! I like all the little vintage touches. And I hope you see the Northern Lights! (Don't suppose you can show them to us?)

Neus said...

What a cosy and warm place!! I really like your kitchen! I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!!

ibb said...

Nice and warm...perfect!

Malyss said...

Great kitchen! every little detail you added makes it warmer, and very unic.

Teresa said...

Coselig! :-) It's beautiful. Well worth the ordeal (though wish you didn't have to go through that)... Hope you get a glimpse of the Northern Lights & enjoy your bookcircle weekend - that sounds v special!

Tracey said...

Looks fab!

Siena said...

I thought about your book shelves when I saw this video:

lazer said...

I love your photos. I totally had that kitty cat tray in my first apartment. Love it!


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