Friday, December 09, 2011

Polar Night Crash Course: Lesson four

Lesson four: Team up!

By no means you should be alone at this time of year, it's just too dark. And the sun-waiting-time is so much shorter when you spend it with others.

Team up with someone: a friend, the neighbour, family, your work mate, a running buddy, a stranger, a dog, the internet, a glass of red (just one glass mind you. Ok then - two).

I have teamed up with a group of women with babies, for long walks and baby talk that could not be of interest for anyone else (food, teeth, sleep. Sleep, don't get me started on that subject). Love it!

As you can see from the view to our big, small town: Polar Night can be beautiful too. Even if it's one of those days when it doesn't really get light at all.

P.S Did you know we have a butter crisis here? I may just make my own as very easy apparently. I've heard rumours they used to do it at home back in the days...


likeschocolate said...

Can't have Christmas without butter. I hope they resolve the issue soon. Merry Christmas !

Malyss said...

To see those babies outside makes me cold!! That picture makes understand that to live in artic world, you have to grow up in artic world! :o)

Anonymous said...

I heard about the butter crisis on the radio this morning - though I couldn't quite understand why. I hope you can make your own easily. Lovely photos! And yes- very hardy babies!

coco said...

may i have your mailing address and full name if you like?

Carina said...

I could send you butter? Some of the best salty, french butter and just in time for the holidays? Seriously - email if you'd like some. :)


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