Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Sundays Are Like This

* Get up 5ish due to baby convinced this is when the new day starts. Not listening to mother saying it's still night. I watch Bargain Hunt, Auction Kings, American Pickers or other obscure broadcasts. At least there are some advantages to getting up in the middle of the night.

* The rest of the kids join in 7ish and over to children's channel.

* Someone in the household sleeps to nine-ten (read: this is not me)

* Breakfast: eggs of some kind and a more sophisticated coffe than on weekdays, hopefully involving espresso beans.

* I don't know about yours, but my kids need to be shuffled out the door before noon. Otherwise cabin fever hits the house like a meteor. And that's something we like to avoid for the sake of the mental wellbeing for us all.

* Playing in the snow, skis, sledding etc to wear us so much out we can go inside again. Today we played in the kindergarten next door and took photos of all the cross country skiers flowing by (see above).

* Chillin', dinner that takes longer than ten minutes to make.

* A run maybe. Or not.

What's your Sundays like?


Pippa said...

I survived "cabin fever" by going to the beach, fresh air and a follick on the sand guarantee's my afternoon piece!
I have to ask? How have you come to found yourself living in the snow? (not sure what Country your in)
Pippa x

liza said...

Thankfully we're up later in the morning! We try to get outside by noonish too. Today I had to grocery shop, which I dislike intensely. Tonight we'll have dinner, play, read and go to bed early because tomorrow's wake up for school will be tough. I hope you have a great week!

likeschocolate said...

Today we woke up around 7 because 7 use to be 6 which is the babies normal time to get up. Breakfast but nothing fancy because we leave at a quarter to 9 for church. Come home eat lunch and because it is sunny head to the trail and ride bikes and walk. Then a simple supper and maybe a little television and some book reading. We too find that keeping kids in house equals disaster. They usually complain at first but are reallyhappy once we are out.

Arctic Mum said...

Pippa, I was born and raised here in the very north of Norway, so living here comes natural to me. Lisa - I too dislike grocery shopping intensely, I wish I had a robot doing it for me! Kelleyn - bicycling on the trail on a sunny day sounds so marvellous, a really nice family activity. Have a good week!

ibb said...

Mine, without children, are more calm. Get up late, 9, calm breakfast, a bit of houseworks, a walk in the city or in the forest, lunch and sunday afternoon nothing to do moments.!
No so active as yours...

Anonymous said...

Our 14-year-old has always been an early riser but is now able to doze until about 8 am or sometimes even later, so our Sunday mornings feel very relaxed.

I love going to church on Sundays, and actually look forward to that hour during the week!

Sunday afternoons we try to get outside, some way or another, even if just into the garden. No snow here in Aberdeen, although I've often seen snow at the end of March and the beginning of April so we could still have some. Not enough to go skiing in, though!

Minnado said...

Yesterday my four year old slept till 8am because she's been unwell. Both her and her brother tend to wake between 5am and 6am every day, just as baby and I try to go back to sleep after a feed! We too have someone in this family who sleeps till 10am on weekends. Not me. Usually my 4 year old goes pony riding on a sunday and plays in the garden with my neighbour's grand daughter. In nice weather we go for a walk .My son and partner often go camping on a saturday night so sundays are a girly day, me four year old and 2 month old baby too.

Kaylovesvintage said...

some sunshine for you
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Donyale said...

I'm at a different stage to you Mali. My babies are 9 and 11 now, but we have a Sunday morning ritual.

It's always pancake day, and if the kids are with me (they spend every second weekend with their Dad), we all schlumpf around till we feel like waking up.. Doesn't that sounds like luxury? So around 9 or 9.30 we gather and make pancakes or French toast, then sit and chat and make choices for the day.

If its sunny (v.rare this summer just gone), we got to Nippers (junior surf life saving) at our local beach, or catch up with friends. We often take our two beagles down to the dog beach and let them run wild. The kids swim, I jog and then we have fish and chips or something like that dinner.

Di said...

MIne usually involves an early morning run with a friend....if I am not feeling too lazy, then a long lazy bath followed by lunch- then hope to catch up with some friends - anything to avoid the inevitable shopping and housework! Or perhaps I'll be off somewhere for the weekend like the last 3!

Arctic Mum said...

Oh, you lucky people who can sleep to nine! And Donyale, can we please swap lives as we've previously discussed? I take the beach and fish'n chips dinner, you take the skiing package. My daughter asks about summer every day now, I just smile and wave.


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