Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Beautiful Sunday. And Some Sunshine

Just a few photos from my solo trip (with Anna) to the local kiosk today, as there are no grocery stores open on Sundays in this country. As you can see: snow has no plans of melting.

I sent off two members of my family on a trip in the ski track. We practically live in the skitrack, so there really is no option. They came back 2 hours later, so happy.

I received a sunshine award from dear Kaylovesvintage!You answer these questions and pass it on to five bloggers.

My favourites:

Colour: Green. In all shades.
Animal: Sheep. What's there not to love.
Non-alcoholic drink: French Earl Grey. No morning without.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Getting or giving presents: Giving
Flower: Orchids (only kind who survive in my house, lol)
Pattern: Floral
Passion: Anything vintage!
Number: 5

These fine bloggers deserve some rays of sunshine too:
La Casita
Writing from Scotland
Tracey English
Le chat-bus

Have a good week!


likeschocolate said...

Looks like you had a very lovely day! Have a happy week!

ibb said...

Looks so different to here...and those skietrack...would love to get a bit lost over there...
Enjoy the week

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Mali! Enjoy your sunshine, and the snow as well. When we lived in Illinois I used to love cross-country skiing.

Satsuki said...

Done ! I made a mistake on your name though ("arcticmom" instead of arctic mum) but I need to reach my PC to correct it. Anyway, thank you for tagging me ! And may I ask your postal address ? I have something that you will may find interesting…

Donyale said...

Loving the snow Mali - thanks for sharing - we are having similar....well not really, unless you count melted snow (i.e. major amounts of rain) as the same ;)

Tracey said...

Thank you for the little bit of sunshine, will play along!
Love your answers and your photos, can't believe how much snow you still have!

coco said...

thanks so much for sharing your sunshine. ♡
beside orchid, do you grow any other plants in your garden during summer?
i have some seed i can share with you if you are interested in. please feel free to stop by for your address.

Anonymous said...

SÅÅÅÅ fina bilder:) Fin blogg du har...Jag önskar dig en underbar vecka med hopp om vårsol:)

LOVE Maria på


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