Thursday, April 26, 2012

24/7 Daylight Crash Course #1: Love The Sun

Maybe because we don't have it for months. Or because we have it for months at a time: We let the sun in uncensored.

We have blinds in the bedrooms. But in the livingroom and kitchen faced towards west? Nope.

Do we have dinner and the sun shines in our faces ( we should get sunglasses), and we go through everyone's day like there's no elephant in the room? Yes.

The grown ups disagree on this matter: I want some kind of shading. He thinks that when you don't have sun for months, you should't keep it outside when it finally arrives. What can I do.

So 24/7 daylight Crash Course Lesson 1: Love the sun. And get blinds.

Yesterday we sang together against the terrorist who took our children.


ibb said...

I can understand you. Sometimes you need so much something that you can stop having it...
Enjoy it, but don´t let it hurt

Tracey said...

Hats on maybe when you eat!!! enjoy the sun, very little in London!

Fat Dormouse said...

Hello, Arctic Mum! I've just found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your life. It's fascinating finding out about life in other countries...things I've never thought of before.

likeschocolate said...

I am like your husband in that I like the light. For 8 years we lived in a house that let in very little light due to the trees surrounding the house. Our new house the trees are a bit farther back. I won and we have no blinds on the back side of the house where we mostly live. I soak in the sun as if there is no tomorrow.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I love it! Love the sun! Of course!


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