Friday, April 20, 2012

Beachlife Arctic style

Hello there! Me and fellow mothers hit the beach today. But life here is full of contrasts: white mountains, beanies, small persons in big wintersuits and sunglasses. You can even spot a small toboggan.

I really enjoyed my coffee and packed lunch, and it was fun introducing Anna to the beach (she looks pretty chocked, but maybe because she's got so much clothes on she can't move, lol)

Have a good weekend!


Tracey said...

Good to see the view and weather both look amazing!
Now that you have spring we are in the depth's of the worst April weather for a long time!!
snow suits are cute too.

woodiko said...

its rather cold here too , so we can sypathise with you. enjoy this beautiful beech and friendships with other mothers.
thank you for these nice pictures and sharing!

Di said...

It looks like a lovely day! We used to spend days on the beach in summer when I was a child - sitting surrounded by windbreaks, blankets and buckets and spades! Not quite an Arctic spring but definitely a Scottish summer!

Renae Wales said...

That might just be the craziest beach scene I've ever seen!!! You don't get THAT in Sydney!

likeschocolate said...

I agree with Renae that is totally wild. In Alaska all we had was silt and rocks. So glad you had a beautiful sunny day.

Teresa said...

Stunning photos! You and Anna both look great! :-) E to follow... X

ibb said...

That´s a beautiful view. Strange for us, that never see snow near beach, but so beautiful. And you covered with cloths...a bit funny
But really nice


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