Friday, April 13, 2012

The Birthday Party

We celebrated my daughter's birthday this weekend, with eight little friends. Arctic Dad stayed up to midnight the night before to make this cheese cake with strawberries. And Hello Kitty muffins is always a hit.

The next ten weeks will be hard for our country. The trial against the man who killed 77 people, mostly teenagers, has started. We'll all be taken back to the dark days in July again. You can follow the trial on CNN

On the lighter note: Within a week we'll have 24 hour daylight in the Arctic. My favourite time - I get so much done! You can clean the windows at 2 am if you want, and no one will shake their head.

Should I do a 24/7 daylight crash course perhaps, like polar night?

I wish you a good week!


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

What a lovely Birthday celebration! I love the crown. Everything looks very pretty & pink for a beautiful little girl!

....& yes ...yes a 24/7 day light crash course.... I loved the polar night one!

ibb said...

Could you tell your Artic Dad to come to mines to make so yummy cake for tomorrow?
For a birthday party!

likeschocolate said...

The cake looks devine!

Teresa said...

Very impressed with Arctic Dad's cheesecake! Lucky Lilli - yum! :-) And a 24/7 daylight crash course is a must, I agree. More soon my dear!

Cheapchick said...

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kristen said...

Wow! What a cute cake! 24 hour daylight sounds crazy to me. How long does it last? I, like you would get SO much done!!!

Arctic Mum said...

Ok, folks, 24 hour dayliht crash course will come! Kristen, it lasts to around august, so plenty of time to get things done in the middle of the night (we have plans of redecorating..). Midnight sun will arrive in the middle of May.

Tracey said...

Artic Dad make a perfect cheesecake...yum!

24 hour daylight will you still have snow too!

Hege said...

That cheesecake looks yummy!
And yes, it's SO god to go to bed and get up in the morning to daylight :) It makes up for all those long and dark winter days.

Anonymous said...

What a stunning cake! Hats off to Arctic Dad, and a belated happy birthday to Lilli.

I've been thinking about you as we've watched the incredible trial unfurl. Friends of ours in Stavanger say their local newspaper offers an internet setting that will block all mentions of the trial, and that many people are using it. I can understand why.

Enjoy your light and sun, and I look forward to your crash course! Some of it may be applicable to us in Aberdeen.

Satsuki said...

Happy birthday to the young girl ! And wow, such a beautiful cake, very impressive ! Of course I want a 24 hour daylight crash course ! I wonder how the children cope with it… 

Melanie Wickham said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, so I've passed a Sunshine Award your way, hope that's alright - just pass it on and answer a few questions if you want to.

la casita said...

Happy belated birthday Lilli, you must be so proud of your parents! :-)


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