Sunday, April 08, 2012

Asphalt Through The Snow

My daughter's definition of spring: You can spot the asphalt through the snow.

So I guess there is spring. Since there are spots of asphalt some places.

Sweet Coco from Japan sent me some seeds for the garden. But as you can see: They will not exactly be planted tomorrow.

This one turned five! She loves to puzzle, eat olives, shuffle snow (genetically determined) and watch programmes where doctors perform complicated surgeries. What she doesn't like is having her curly hair combed. But I'm certainly no fan of children's beauty contests - for a ton of reasons.

Have a good mid week. You readers are the best!


Kaylovesvintage said...

still so much snow

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Oh so cute! Happy Birthday to your darling daughter!

Pippa said...

Still loving your snow pics, all the best to your poppet!

ibb said...

Will send the rain we are having...
No sun here...wet asphalt instead!

Hege said...

Hmm, the roads are starting to get snowfree here too - so yes, I think we can agree that spring finally has arrived here in the north ;)

Happy Birthday to you girl!

likeschocolate said...

It looks like it might be a while before spring might come to your part of the world.

Tracey said...

Gosh its amazing how different it is in different parts of the world. Snow still looks amazing.
happy 5th Birthday....such a great age to be. said...

Gosh you have so much snow!

amany said...

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