Friday, August 17, 2012

Fog and Everyday Life

We tend to laugh of countries that collapse from a tiny bit of snow: when people stay home from work and hoarder food, we go like - HA-HA, AMATEURS.

Then we had fog. It's never fog in the Arctic. That's what they do other places. But for three days planes couldn't land and people were hours on the bus instead!

It's back to everyday life her: From Monday we need to get three kids out of the door before 8 am.

So I'll enjoy this weekend, and I wish you a good one too!


likeschocolate said...

Happy weekend to you too'!

badlandsquilts said...

Enjoy your weekend before school starts! Have to laugh at your snow comment...that's what we think in MN too!

globeonmytable said...

I love the fog, it is so quiet and mysterious. It gets a lot thicker than that photo! Sometimes it is in banks, so I drive through a clear patch then hit a really dense section.

Liv-Inger said...

I am so looking forward to Monday. Cannot wait for school to start. Neither can the kids.

Have a great Sunday! And best of luck tomorrow!

la casita said...

It is always a bit awkward when something unexpected happens and disrupt your routine, isn't it? here in this part of England, for instance, today is 32C and very humid!!!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
wish you a smooth beginning of the school year!

christinelaennec said...

Yes, it's funny which kinds of weather a country or a region is used to and equipped for dealing with. Here in Scotland things tend to grind to a halt when there's more than a little bit of snow, and people go around saying, "But surely if the Scandinavians can deal with it, our government / society ought to be able to?!"

Happy Back to School.

jane said...

we are used to fog here. :)
your vacation looks wonderful. next year spain! ;)

Tracey said...

Hope the school run is going well and that the fog has disappeared.

Tracey said...

Hope the school run is going well and that the fog has disappeared.

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