Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vintage Daybed Finally In Da House

It takes time to furnish a home. This bed has been in my family for generations, from the farm where my father grew up.

Now it's turned daybed in the corner of the livingroom that we finally sorted out. It's become our favourite hang out place, the kids like it so much they get up way too early in the weekends to watch tv and relax.

I had to sell my beloved 60s teak cabinet, cause you can't have all the vintage furniture you want when you live in a democracy (or in a relationship).

Bolia shelves (we love the system Cell) on the wall, and the tv too. And my favourite West German vase of course!

Our art needs to come up, but that may take another year. I'll keep you posted.

Have a good week!


Di said...

The little day bed is adorable and only made more beautiful by its history. I've been in my apartment 2 years and still only have 2 pictures on the wall!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Your lounge room looks divine. I really love furniture which as a family history. It's important to keep pieces like that. They almost become people, I think.

Sad about the 60s cabinet. You're a bigger woman than me ... I would have been kicking and screaming!

Ray Garrod said...

Lovely, I have always wanted one, but have never found one in good repair. They are so appealing.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I lové the little day bed! It is beautiful & so special that it is a family treasure! So adorable that the children love it too!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bed. It's wonderful that you have kept it in the family. I would call it "heirloom" or "heritage" and not just vintage!

Sorry about your cabinet. I laughed at your explanation about living in a democracy. Did the vintage police come knocking at your door and accuse you of hoarding?

Arctic Mum said...

Yes, I feel like a very big woman - letting go of something I wanted to keep. But you see, if I wanted to bring in this bed....The sacrifies you make in a relationship: so the vintage police (aka Arctic Dad) keeps me from hoarding:)

Tracey said...

The day is is fab thank goodness it was kept in the family for everyone to love.

Sweetina said...

Your family daybed is beautiful and so special with history and memories! Sorry about your 60's cabinet, you are indeed a better woman than most!
It looks like you're having fun decorating. The change of Season always makes us want to rearrange and spruce up the home, doesn't it?

likeschocolate said...

I hear you! It took my husband and I two years to decide on a dining room table.

liza said...

Ah, it looks great! Really beautiful. It does look like everything is coming together so nicely. I hope all is well with you! And my instagram is pofromco. ;-)

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