Sunday, February 24, 2013

More House Randoms and Fleamarkets

 Still putting art on the walls. You see, we don't do baptisms, but we get them art as symbols of birth.

 I love the classic String shelf in blue, it's actually new (!), but all the same retro.

I got a perfect 70s Waechtersbach tea set for six at the flea market last weekend. For - hold on - 8 USD. I was going to sell it in my Etsy shop, but my girls persuaded me to keep it for "cozy tea parties".

The lamp is old and thrifted too. Of course.

But this girl is fairly new in the world. 1 year and 7 months now. Did you see the BBC article about Nordic babies napping outdoors? For me it's just the most natural thing.

 Wishing you all a great week!

Am linking up to "The Nifty Thrifty" by A Living Space this week:)


Pippa said...

I like the idea of art for the kids, I'm keeping a Danish leather armchair for my son, something for him to have when he's older. Love the tea set, I would of kept it too!
Your girl has grown so quickly! :)

tove said...

Så nydelig lyseblå String! Jeg elsker også disse, har en stor i stuen og snart kommer en vegghengt oppi det nye kjøkkenet. Det røde servicet er helt skjønt, hvem ville vel ikke ha elsket det som barn? Lampen er kjempekul, virkelig til å bli glad av! Nyyydelig jente også:-) Ha en fin uke!

Di said...

I love the string shelf too! It looks great there.

Your daughter is looking so big these days! They grow fast!

Makeminemidcentury said...

Can't believe that munchkin is one and 7/12s! Love a string shelf. It one of my desires.

Tracey said...

Looking great. x

Minnado said...

Oh i love the tea set and the string shelf. Your daughter is 6 months older than mine but at this stage that is such a difference, isn't it?

Mid Mod Mom said...

String shelf? On my wish list! Lovely color. I think giving your children art is a gesture of great parenting!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to give your children art when they're born. And I'm also so glad (re. your shelf) that great design from the past is being reproduced again.

The Recycle-ista said...

No way on the Waechtersbach set!! Great price! Love it.
I saw 2 WB pieces tonight at a thrift store..they were unusual..but they wanted $8 EACH!
Well at least if you keep it you don't have to ship it! :)

Ida/FarWestLogbook said...

I LOVE the article - think I'll forward it to all 'my' American families. They all thought I was nuts when I explained how babies/kids napped in Denmark :-)

likeschocolate said...

I think it is cool that your daughter sleeps outside, but you know most Americans would think you were nuts; especially the temps she is taking a nap in. I can't believe our babies are fast approaching two! It is going by way to fast! Weren't we just pregnant?

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

We just had a lovely trip to your part of the world and saw the northern lights. I've had lots of trips to Norway and I'd never seen them before, but we treated ourselves to a Hurtigruten trip from Kirkeness to Bergen, and we saw them, and the Lofoton islands and so many other beautiful sights

Anonymous said...

I just read your link to Nordic children napping outdoors-it just seems so bizarre to me! Here in Australia I wouldn't even consider going outside if it was under 10 degrees C! (I hate the cold!) Thogh I LOVE the idea of leaving children in prams outside shops and cafes-Oh the vitriol one would receive doing that in Sydney where you can get in trouble for leaving your sleeping baby in the car when you pay for petrol!
At what age to you start letting the babies come into the cafe? Is it when they can feed themselves or just when they are awake?
Always so interesting to read your blog, I love it!

Arctic Mum said...

Hi Renae, I don't know if you go back to check for answers - but I reply anyway:) The baby napping outside is an interesting thing, I see that! You can have babies inside cafees at any time, if they are awake or not. Breastfeeding your child in cafes is ok too, as long as you do it with common sense, it's a very normal sight.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I like the art on the walls & all your thrifty finds, especially the bright red tea set! And that little girl is adorable!

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