Sunday, April 07, 2013

Eat. Shovel. Shovel

Record from 1997: 2,50 meters (I studied in Leeds that year and was concentrating on cheap beer and the Spice Girls, so I lived in oblivion of what was going on of serious matters at home.)

So far in 2013: 1.50 meters and there ain't no stoppin' .

We eat. We shovel. We shovel more.

We had to shovel the roof in order to safe the roof, and the snow must go somewhere. So the entrance is so packed we can barely pass. It feels like we're on a cabin trip every day, which is kind of cozy (and positive thinking helps..)

I wonder if the 1997 record breaks this year? People are talking about it.
The snow hides danger too. There are avalanches, and people have died.

But these are the days in the Arctic.
Have a good week!


tove said...

Uffameg, har dere så mye ennå? Kan trøste med at det ikke har blitt noe særlig til temperatur her nede heller, men snøen er vi heldigvis for det meste kvitt. Kun et par små flekker som nekter å gi seg siden det er så lave nattetemperaturer ennå. Men denne helgen er syklene tatt ut og preppet, så jeg skal ikke klage. Håper på vår hos deg snart slik at du får parkert snøskuffa:-)
En riktig god uke til deg også!

Kaylovesvintage said... much snow and we had our first day of sun today

Melanie Wickham said...

You're going to enjoy Spring SOOOO much when it finally comes! Good luck with all the shoveling...

ibb said...

I have passes some days in mountains and they also said the same,record snow for the month we are.
Here dangerous snow...little to do, a bit of nordic skii and walking...relax, sleep and come back to reality ;(

Satsuki said...

2,50 meters ? I can't even imagine it. Especially when I see your pictures of this year with "only" 1,50 meter ! Your husband seems to wear a snow skirt… Funny !

Tracey said...

wow, no other words needed.x

Sweetina said...

That is a lot of snow, but like you said, so cozy inside your home I imagine.
I hope your Spring is as brilliant as your Winter this year, with beautiful flowers and sunny days.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Oh so much snow...but..... spring will mean so much more when it finally comes. I love the French expression "Bon courage!" which seems very appropriate here.

likeschocolate said...

WOW! I have forgotten my days of snow like that! Just this week Anchorage, Alaska where I grew up got more snow and here I sit in 80 degree weather this week.

Minnado said...

Oh wow - and I thought the small amount of snow we had this winter was bad! Having to shovel snow to save the roof sounds like a lot of work. Hope you are all keeping warm and happy :)

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