Sunday, May 26, 2013

1-2-3 Summer!

We skipped spring and went straight for summer. Like we do every year.

Not long ago my kids stood by the window, looking out on the endless amounts of snow asking me when will there be summer, mum? I can't express how happy it makes me to finally see them running around in shorts, jumping on the trampoline, with sunscreen on. Scratching a scrape on the knee, spending all day outdoors. It warms my heart.

And the Midnight Sun, of course. It keeps us going, we sleep less - do more.

You should check out my 24/7 Daylight Crash Course from last year. Still runs this year!

The Norwegians are a funny kind. Two years ago we watched The Hurtigruten minute by minute on a coastal journey, on live tv for days. This winter the same National broadcaster showed eight hours live tv about wood, stacking it - burning it (yes, I watched it), where the last hours was only a fire burning and people could text in where to put the log next. This week a big newspaper made a world record of interviewing a well known authour and historican for 30 hours straight. I admit I watched just a few hours, as background while working. He talked about American Presidents for three hours too. But that was in the middle of the night.

Someone please research us.

Have a great week!


tove said...

Å så skjønne bilder, så deilig å se at dere har fått sommer i nord også!! Ingenting er så herlig som små føtter på årets første tur i gresset uten sko:-) Artig å lese innleggene dine fra i fjor om midnattsolen! Jeg har opplevd den et par ganger og det er en ganske spesiell opplevelse å prøve å sove med sol i ansiktet! (På hotell uten blendingsgardiner...) Kos dere med godværet og ha en kjempefin uke, så hyggelig å ha blitt kjent med deg:-)

Vince Stephen said...

It's so amazing how fast it happens. Last weekend there was mud everywhere - now we have grass and leaves and flowers and reindeer are hanging around at the end of the road!

I think that whole Slow TV concept is really great. Didn't it start with film of a train journey from Bergen to Trondheim or something?

Glad you're enjoying the summer!

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Yea summer!! I am so happy for you & can see how after all that snowy winter, the midnight sun would be a welcome treat. Have fun!

likeschocolate said...

Beautiful ! I remember this time of year so well as growing up in Anchorage, AK is so similar. I am happy you'd girls are getting a taste of summer. I have been in Maine and now Boston for the last few days and we are so cold. I am hoping for warmer weather in the morning.

ibb said...

Lovely and sunny we are still with coats and you have summer over there WOW!
Enjoy the light!

Minnado said...

Hurray for your summer - sounds wonderful. We have had a few hot days, now it's just rain, rain.

The boat journey pictures look beautiful. TV of a fire burning and texting in to place a log...I am lost for words. At first I giggled but now I am wondering, is it art - it's the kind of thing you may see in the Turner prize competition here. I guess I am now intrigued about the norwegian mind set. x

moonstruckcreations said...

Enjoy the summer weather!


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