Sunday, June 02, 2013

Take Me To The Mountain

Do you ever do that - be a tourist in your own town?

We've had the most amazing weather lately, and today we headed together with the rest of the tourists to the mountain with the lift. I felt like we saw it for the first time too.

There are still snow up there. People were skiing.

You can climb the mountain sacred to the sami people too. But that would be another five hours. And we had kids with us.

Afterwards we barbequed on the veranda.

Tomorrow it's back to the hamster wheel - but that's ok too.

Have a nice week:)


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

These are wonderful photographs! Really! What fun!

likeschocolate said...

Have a great week! The shots are beautiful. Glad you had a fun day.

Tracey said...

looks wonderful.

tove said...

Så nydelige bilder!! Vakkert! Kjenner meg igjen, jeg har vært i bryllup der oppe i et helt fantastisk høstvær! Slett ingen dum ide å være turist i egen by, det er så mye man tar for gitt og utsetter!

Bethan Sian said...

Lovely photos!!

Like your page!
New follower -

ibb said...

Love the concept of "doing tourist at your town"...I usually do it with camera and so.

Satu VW said...

I often do the touristy thing when I first move into new town, but then kind of forget about when life gets busy with work etc. Should do it more often! Now I enjoy going back to Finland though and being touristy in my hometown and in Helsinki :)

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