Thursday, May 06, 2010

Corner View: My garden

I just couldn't resist this week's Corner View. Maybe someone wonders how that pile of snow in my garden is going decreasing wise? I sure wonder, and had to document that it's still right there.

The evenings are so light now, the sun sets later and later. This is taken at eight. Midnight sun is here the 22nd.

Starting to clean all the windows at nine o'clock at night is a sign that my body tries to keep pace with all this light. That would never happen in December.

Want to take a look how it is even further (and further) north? Visit Mushamna.


Theresa said...

Wow, such a contrast to us. I have to run ac to make dinner tonight, it's so hot!

Nancy said...

please melt, snow!

but that's great that it's so light out now.

Di said...

I hope the snow goes soon! We too have light till about 9 or so - we will have daylight till about 11 at the latest but it all depends on the clouds!

likeschocolate said...

I guess it will be a while before their are flowers. Have you guys gotten any ash from Iceland?

PROVINS said...

Wow you guys still have snow!!!

En støvel og en sko said...

Husker ikke om jeg har lagt igjen kommentar før, men ville bare si at jeg stikker innom deg jevnlig og synest at du har så fin blogg.
Ha en fin langhelg!
Klem fra Sølvi

Stephanie said...

Can I just say again how much I enjoy this blog?

OK, public service announcement over now.

Thanks for those links, I had a great time reading!

Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic said...

Whaat? You guys stil have that much snow? Sucks!! Summer's finally here in Oslo, love it!!

Have a fabulous pinse!



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