Friday, February 25, 2011

An Amplifier Thrifting Shock

I picked up these amplifiers because I thought I'd for once thrift something that could make Arctic Dad happy as well. I gave ten dollars, returning home to my biggest thrift shock so far: Tandberg Fasett are design icons from 1971! Apparently people must bleed to get hold of a pair.

Will keep them as hidden assets until mortgage rate raises.

I also thrifted a pair of 70s surprisingly bright curtains. When Polar Night arrives they can function as a sun substitute.

Two rolls of 1976 wallpaper from a long gone Norwegian factory came home with me. Maybe suitable for a small wall only..

Lizzie in the UK won the giveaway!

Enjoy your weekend. These flea market finds were shared at Her Library Adventures - flea market finds and Apron Thrift Girl.


Malyss said...

It's funny to imagine that those 70ies things crossed the ages till now , and will find a new life in your home.They surely have interesting stories to tell!

Lizzie said...

Wow I am so excited to have won your giveaway! Thank you so much, I am grinning from ear to ear :-)
Like you I love hunting for vintage treasures whether it is in the Portobello Road or the local thrift shop. I was up in London today quite near the PB!

Anna said...

(Do you have a link with pictures to the new house?)

Skrekk o Gru said...

å - de gardinene var fine!

Dorit said...

love the sun-substitute - or at least the idea :)thanks for sharing your thriftfinds, always interesting.

Donyale said...

You always seem to find best stuff!


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