Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Hormonal Invation 2: It's Getting Scary

A basket of yarn

The aliens in the shape of pregnancy hormons are continuing to take over my body. Now it's getting scary.

I can do nothing but crocheting granny squares. As a matter of fact I think about granny squares day and night, and my big girl job is suffering.

Another proof is that I've recently felt an overwhelming urge to

- hold on -

Bake.Cakes. I usually avoid baking like the plague. Nothing gets burned even, which shows that the aliens have completed their mission.

What's next? Will I be starting to make cupcakes??

Snow shuffling

The rest of the family is busy shuffling endless amounts of snow in the Arctic.

I might have to send him on a motorbike course. Expecting the third (!) girl means testosterone levels must be kept high. It also means we will need a big bathroom in the new house.

Enjoy your week!


Siena said...

Haha, I guess we have to bake and crochet when we meet. You don`t need a big bathroom in your new house - you need two bathrooms ...

Francesca said...

Congratulations! How far along are you?
Are you making the circle in the square pattern?

Arctic Mum said...

Siena - yes I think two bathrooms in the long term..Francesca, am halfway now, 20 weeks to go. Yes, am absolutely into the square pattern, however I just make the rounds first and crochet them together...when I learn it. I've just learned to crochet, and now I can't get my hands off it!!

Nancy said...

I saw the title of the post and I was about to ask if you've suddenly started baking...and I see that you have!! you are in true 'nesting' mode, mama!

villaruusu said...

Haha, welcome to club! Have You visited Lucys, Attic24, blog. I have and now I can´t think anything else than Granny squares.

Malyss said...

Next stop will be eating tons of ice creams and needing strawberries around midnight asap!
So much girls around, OMG! :o))

ibb said...

I have a friend that also have 3 girls (last was born nearly a month ago) and yes he wants to buy a new motorbike...testosterone problems with so much girls around...hahahaha.
It doesn´e matter if you need to bake..send cakes around the world..hahaha
Enjoy that hormone party.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Wow , how have I missed out on this wonderful news. Congratulations! Stay healthy & happy making your squares & baking what ever you like. What a happy time for you & your family!

Anonymous said...

Spent på å sjå kva det blir av oldemorrutene. Korsen gikk det med halsen?


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