Friday, March 28, 2014

Typewriter Love

Maybe because I was a journalist. That I always have loved to write: I have a thing for typewriters.

I think the rest of the world has too. My typewriters have all flown out off Etsy, some sooner, some later. And I have shipped them all over the world.

Here are some beauties:

A Baby Hermes that was so beautiful it almost hurt to send it all the way to China.

Oh, that mint colour...

Erika- a German typewriter that took the trip to Australia. It was so heavy, you won't believe it.

I love the cream colour.

This turqouise Olivetti went to Sarah in the US who also bought some brown mugs to go with it. She sent me an ambience report back that she listened to music, cleaned the old typewriter and drank coffee from Arabia mugs. That sounds so cozy!


This rather "new" Brother typewriter also took the trip to the US, just before Christmas. It was a gift, and it reached there in the end.

Now I have two typewriters still in my shop. The Diplomat typewriter is from the same manufacturer as the Olympia, I love the elegant hand written label.

 And this heavy Rheinmetall one from Germany.

It's old - 1940s, and I just love this warm burgundy colour.

 I wonder where these will end up! Linking up to The Nifty Thrifty this week:)

 I'm back, and I will post regurarly about vintage finds and life in the spring yet here. Actually we have a second winter coming with heavy snowfall.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Winter Wonderland in October

From one day to another: Full on winter. We didn't even get to storing the bikes and take down the trampoline.

And you know the feeling when you're sending the kids off without proper winter clothes because you just haven't made it to those closets yet. They were cold for a few days, but now we're sorted.

But not ready.

Oh not so ready.

(now it't the time to tell you that I'm off to Paris for a conference, but don't tell Arctic Dad as he's stuck in winter alone with three kids for five days. I should bring home a nice Cognac or something)

You can follow my Paris (and Arctic) adventures on Instagram: @Arcticmum

Enjoy you week!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Enjoying the Last Days of Autumn

The big girls just go their own knife to make sticks for hot dogs on a fire (of course half the fun is carrying it in the belt). This is a very big thing for them, and they are so proud. Now we do nothing but cutting sticks.

I lie, we do some. Like putting on gloves, hats and fleeze. Take a trip to the local beach. Enjoying the last days of autumn. Winter is around the corner.

I fled to the cinema, to see Before Midnight. I love this trilogy, and this film gives an honest and real picture of the dynamics of relationships, the dialogue, the fights, the questions you ask.

But why would you even try to break up when you have Ethan Hawke..?

Have a good week!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three days in Berlin

I love the cozy cafes, the great coffees, the restaurants - people are very easy going and relaxed in this city. We stayed in Prenzlauerberg, an area I really recommend. If you ever go to Berlin a visit to the outdoor wall museum is a must. It's powerful and interesting. We also went to the DDR museum, a fun and interaktive museum.

I especally loved the DDR livingroom at the museum, showing Derrick and propaganda. The room actually looks mysteriously like my grandmother's. I find the east-west history very interesting, and I will definately go back to see more of Berlin. We may have to bribe my sister to come back next year.

We have an Indian Summer in the Arctic, it feels wonderful. The colours are yellow and orange, as I'm sure it's where you live too now:)

Have a good weekend!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Belgium July 2013

Some photos from our holiday in Belgium. Another great home exchange experience! I recommend it to anyone, it feels like we've won the lottery and can travel the world.

I like Belgium, but felt in a way it's the less sophisticated little sister to France; the food, the ambiance, the prices - a mix between French and Anglo Saxon culture. But people are very friendly, and it was fantastic to be able to use the bike or train anywhere.

Next year it's back to France and la plague, hopefully Normandie.

But in between we have autumn and (a loong) winter.

And guess what! Arctic Dad and myself will take a mini-break (as Bridget Jones puts it) - three days in Berlin! It's been eight (8) years since traveling alone the two of us, without kids. My sister is here from Denmark to babysit.

We need it, and I think we deserve it too.

Back next weekend!


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